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About I Dream of Bali – Private Luxury Bali Villas

June 22, 2018

I Dream of Bali Helps You Find the Best Villas in Bali

 Have you ever said to yourself, “I dream of Bali”? First, Bali is the famous island that is commonly called Island of the Gods. With its rugged coastlines, mountainous hills, sand beaches, barren volcanic hills, and colourful rice terraces, Bali has always attracted many visitors and tourists, both local and from abroad. It is also home to a deeply spiritual people with rich culture. Thus, to many people, Bali can be said to be the perfect place to be called the earth’s paradise. Moreover, it contains very splendid historical and archaeological attractions. Indeed, this is one of the places you might dream of visiting one day (even if you have visited this wonderful paradise once).

Bali’s allure has made private luxury Bali villas are in high demand. This is where villa rental agency comes in. We know that you might be in need of an exquisite villa for rental during your stay in Bali, and that is why we decided to step in and help you find the best villa for you to spend your holiday. In that case, we give you the best rates of holiday packages to choose from without any hustle.  In short, we are here to ensure that you enjoy your holiday in Bali and savour every moment of it.

We have a collection of hundreds of villas in Bali for you to choose from. There are all types of villas with different facilities that are meant to cover any customer’s needs. Thus, depending on your particular preferences and budget, there is always a villa in Bali that suits your needs and budget so perfectly that you’ll think it was constructed with you in mind.

Most Bali villas are situated at the coastlines, and along the banks of rivers in Bali such as the Penet River. The villas offer you a perfect place to escape from the chaotic daily life you are used to so as to  give you a cool rest of mind, body and soul. As mentioned earlier, the villas come in different sizes, styles and are located in different places throughout Bali. At, you can choose the location, number of bedrooms, and the rate of the villa you want. If you know of some names, you can also use keywords to search for the villa and see what it has to offer.


Undeniably, Bali is the secret place you want to be, and once you are there, leave the hustles of searching for a perfect villa to us. We are the trusted private luxury Bali villas rental agents.

We are a villa management and rental company established in Bali with the aim of making your villa booking and holiday pleasurable and stress-free. At I dream of Bali, we work only with Bali’s best villas in various price categories to suite different budgets and requirements. We invite you to browse through the featured villas on our website or to simply contact us with your requirements so we can revert to you with fabulous options. Don’t wait another minute, let us make your Bali holiday dream an unforgetable reality!