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Get married in Bali

July 10, 2013

Get married in Bali with a legal wedding ceremony or non-legal wedding ceremony is popular with both foreign and local couples and what better place could be chosen than an island of such beauty and magic, the Island of the Gods.  Bali Mystical Weddings & Functions is a very new, innovative, spicy, flexible, competitively priced professional wedding & functions company in Bali offering a range of ceremonies for couples to select from for their special celebration in Bali and specialize in coordinating a legal wedding ceremony for those couples not yet legally married choosing to get legally married in Bali with the exchange of intimate vows & rings, for those couples already legally married with the celebration of a Vow Renewal Ceremony allowing the couple to reaffirm their love & devotion to one another, and for those couples yet to be married and not wanting to undertake a legal wedding ceremony in Bali, the choice of 3 non-legal wedding ceremonies, Commitment Ceremony, Religious Only Ceremony and Balinese Blessing Ceremony.

For couples wanting tolegally get married in Bali and follow the religions of Protestant (Christian,) Catholic Buddhist, Hindu and Moslem can be legally married with a legal wedding ceremony in Bali which consists of two ceremonies, firstly the religious ceremony which is officiated by the relevant religious body according to the couples selected religious ceremony and secondly the civil ceremony officiated by The Civil Registry Office, with both ceremonies taking place consecutively at the couples selected ceremony location. The only exclusion to this is a Moslem Wedding Ceremony which is officiated by Kantor Urusan Agama “KUA” meaning Department of Religion and not the Civil Registry Office.

Any couple get married in Bali by undertaking a legal wedding ceremony need to comply with relevant documentation requirements according to the Civil Registry Office and also those documentation requirements relevant to the couples chosen religious ceremony.  For Moslem couples wanting to be legally married in Bali documentation requirements will be those relevant to Kantor Urusan Agama / KUA.

Foreign couples get married in bali are required to supply us with photocopies of such documents as bride & groom birth certificates, details page of bride & groom passports & 2 witnesses, divorce or death certificate if relevant and photos of the couple standing together that will appear on the couples wedding certificates.  All documents are required to be submitted to us prior to their ceremony taking place so the relevant lodgments can be made on behalf of the couple.

For Indonesian Citizens wanting to get married in Bali they will need to supply photocopies of KTP Card, KK Card, birth certificate, divorce or death certificate if relevant and depending on the religious ceremony they choose either photographs of the couple standing together or in the case of a Moslem Wedding Ceremony individual photos of the couple prior to their wedding ceremony taking place.

For those of you looking for a rustic wedding, or a wedding by the beach, look no further than Bali. The island, with its gorgeous beaches and picturesque paddy fields, makes for a perfect place to say “I do”. And it does not get any better with amazing villas like Villa Pandan and Villa NirwanaKita (my personal favourites), where you can get married in bali and wow your guests on your special day.