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Cafe Bali

Cafe Bali a name a priori missing a touch of originality. Lest one be fooled, more than originality, it has the flair of an institution. Within the year and some it has been open, it has successfully catered to a market in search of trend yet comfort and consistency, less concerned with the latest taste but rather the assurance of a pleasant one. Thus its customers are wide ranging, and chattering teenagers mingles happily with “Times” peaceful readers, busy “thirtysomethingers”, glamourous shoppers and reflective grand-parents, for simple “good” food and smiles are charms each and everyone comfortably falls for. Of course the casual stylish interior, fresh and peaceful in the morning, happening at lunch and glowingly vibrant at night entices all the more. Music is always right.

Cafe Bali present Food is a mix of european and asian with stapple dishes such as:
– salade nicoise, salmon blinis, duck terrine, edamame, sushi roll, mushroom veloute, spaghetti aglio-olio, cheese raviole, carpacio, tartare, steack, kroket, sate, curry, etc…though my personal favourites are the vietnamese spring rolls, spinach veloute and melting pumpkin gnocchi.
As for dessert, the apple tarte tatin, followed by chocolate nems with coffee are absolutely scrumptious and highly recommended.

Should food not be what you are after, the tea selection is delicate, the coffee list extensive and the strawberry margheritas absolutely marvellous.

Last but not least, you can be sure that everyone who’s anyone will be stopping by at one point or another.


  • Phone: 0361 780 1515

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