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Charming Restaurant

Charming Restaurant, The blending of the cuisine on CharMing’s menu has been a process of culinary alchemy.

A fusion influenced by the French’s flare for rich quality and decadence, the Italian’s talent for dressing meals with perfect detail and the Indonesian’s taste for colourful fruits and spices.

Mr Ming has certainly travelled and experienced fine food and Mr Wayan has crafted this into a rather varied menu, each dish no less creative than the other.

Charming Restaurant, present Fresh seafood is the most exotic, with splashes of citrus, vibrant sauces and fresh vegetables that make them beautiful to the eye as well as memorable on the palette

The salads are bountiful and fresh, even Indonesia has given its tropical twist to them with ingredients like mango and orange.

Charming Restaurant, the classic and favourable touches like mozzarella, garlic, basil and mustard dress some of the main dishes and the meats are of greatest quality and are done justice to their best origins, like the grilled lamb chops of New Zealand and the Confit duck of France.

Charming Restaurant, has Indonesian dishes have been given their own exclusive set on the menu; all specialties of this restaurant’s host country are available as a spread to share for two. Ask Mr Bardi for his advice on which choice of wine is the best accent to your meal.

Charming Restaurant, the last course is just as important as all that come before it and topping of this mouth-watering mix is the selection of classic desserts that are all luxuriously prepared.
The Café crème brûlée and the Crêpes Suzette are created in their truest form and there’s a great choice of gelato flavours for every kind of taste. Whether it’s chocolate, cream or fruit on the plate, quality has certainly been marked as the priority.


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