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Clear Cafe

WELCOME TO THE Clear Cafe where life begins to chill. Come on in, choose your favorite table/sofa and hang out as long as you like. Clear Cafe philosophy is “eat the food you wish to be”. In the spirit of this idea we have created a must see sanctuary where everyone can enjoy organic, delicious, pure and natural food while experiencing the magical and nurturing ways of Clear’s pure Balinese team.
Clear Cafe use all natural ingredients from local Balinese farmers. At clear we believe that energy can be transferred through food, so it’s very important to us how our chef’s and kitchen staff are feeling. That is why we pride ourselves on laughing, playing, and having a good time while preparing your food, so that it may be charged with life.
Why should healthy food be boring? At Clear Cafe we promise it’s not so. Clear drinks/foods are so diverse that you may never get bored.


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