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Khaima Restaurant

Khaima Restaurant,  is located in Oberoi, the area where tourists,
locals and expats come together for a good meal or gathering drink.

Khaima Restaurant,  is not difficult to find,
the unique tent-shaped restaurant is truly an eyecatcher.

Khaima Restaurant,  opened in ……
and since then the Oberoi transformed into area where you can get an around-the-world-food-experience.

Within Khaima Restaurant,  you forget for a moment that you’re in Bali and embrace
the authentic atmosphere of Morocco. Every friday and saturday night (around 9 pm), bellydancers are making your arabic experience complete.

Khaima Restaurant,  is a revelation. It was a long time in the creation but now proves to have been worth the wait. The atmosphere of Morocco has been faithfully reproduced, and the food is the real thing. Entrance to the central restaurant block is through a tented lounge, so authentic you will think you are entering another world! The rear courtyard part of the restaurant also has a ceiling tent, the tables surround a cooling water fountain. Though simple, the effect is startling.

Briouats are Moroccan appetisers. Light, fluffy, filo pastry savouries [non-greasy] stuffed with a variety of spicy ingredients. The selection includes Briouats Bal Balkhodra [vegetable], Briouats Bal Tun [tuna with olive oil], Briouats Bal Djaje [saffron chicken], Briouats Bal Jben [goat cheese] and a special Arabic Briouat [beef and lamb kefta]. A Mixed Plate of Briouat is a perfect snack for one! It arrives with two filo triangles, one full of spicy minced beef and the other shredded chicken, as well as a tubed version full of tangy goat cheese. An appetizer with a difference is Pastilla, a chicken torte with cinnamon.

Salads are usually fresh and healthy but the only tastes are normally just from the basic ingredients. At Khaima a little extra flavouring is added, spices. Schlada Bal Khizou Wa Farfa is a warm cinnamon carrot salad, Chachouka a warm salad of tomatoes and three different bell peppers, Mechouia a warm salad of just green peppers served on a skewer. Zaalouk a simple eggplant salad and the house salad is Schlada De Dar.

Chorba soup is a Moroccan vegetable soup with oomph! Harira Ba Karoula is a vegetable soup combined with chickpeas. Baissar is a spicy lentil soup.


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