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Lamak Bali Restaurant

Lamak Bali Restaurant take from word “Lamak” in Balinese defines a carefully crafted element of sacred offerings.

Lamak Bali Restaurant  combines the essence of tradition with culinary innovation. Embracing the spirit and values of  Lamak Bali Restaurant in corporates local wood, stones, and carvings symphonized
in a modern style bringing you a breathtaking elegance.

Lamak Bali Restaurant  is the first marriage between epicurean delicacies and fine art in Ubud. From it has born a dining experience beyond artistic palate. Diners will enjoy dramatic interiors by renowned artist Made (Michael White) Wijaya and Pintor Sirait while pampering their taste buds with carefully crafted gourmet cuisine.

Lamak Bali Restaurant offer complimentary transportation to and from your location within Ubud area.

Lamak Bali Restaurant  is open Monday through Sunday:
Lunch : 11am – 4pm                                                                                                                                                                 Dinner : 4pm – 11pm


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