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Massimo Ristorante

Massimo Ristorante,  interior at this authentic Italian restaurant is like an open-air Milanese cafe while the outside is a Balinese garden. The lengthy menu includes wood-fired pizzas. The scent of garlic pours out onto the street, where you can stop and get a perfectly creamy gelato from a window.

Massimo Ristorante, a combo that goes together like spaghetti and meatballs. Pasta, pizza and more are prepared with authentic Italian flair.

Massimo Ristorante, the outdoor area is more intimate, with much softer righting (which has its downsides when it comes to reading menus!) which is very quiet and peaceful, and there is a also a long bar to sit at while waiting for a table.

Massimo Ristorante,  has a wood-fired pizza oven and a gelati bar out the front on the street.

Massimo Ristorante, not only is the food fun, but the owner, Massimo, keeps the spirit alive by often stepping out of the kitchen to chat with patrons. This unassuming gem has both indoor and outdoor seating where families are always welcome.

Massimo Ristorante,  0ne of the main draws to Massimo’s is the homemade gelato. They have a large gelato storefront just off the main tourist drag in Sanur and serve a multitude of exotic flavors. Ciao bella….


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