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Merah Putih Restaurant

Merah Putih Restaurant, is Bali’s newest and most complete Indonesian dining experience, set in a sumptuous environment and created around a simple concept: to provide an exceptional culinary adventure regardless of the time, day or weather conditions.

Merah Putih Restaurant, provides a space for dining like no other in Indonesia a perfect balance between visual design, eco sustainability and functional working spaces. Alternative materials and unconventional techniques have come together for the purpose of showcasing the heights of Indonesian talent and craftsmanship

Translucent roof columns capture rainwater and channel it into our water-flow system. Advanced UV filters purify and recycle water, meaning the restaurant draws on no precious groundwater reserves. Solar filtered glass walls meanwhile let the light through to allow our landscaped interiors to thrive, yet keep the tropical heat out.

Our indoor gardens create intimacy amid the majesty, meaning you can enjoy a discreet dinner for two or a large social event with family and friends.

Merah Putih Restaurant,  serve classic Indonesian cuisine using ingredients of the highest quality alongside creative dishes that experiment with traditional spices and flavours from across the archipelago.

We do this in unique surrounds inspired by the nation’s heritage and diverse cultures.

Indonesian food is typically eaten family style, and we encourage this convivial tradition at Merah Putih. Plates are set in the middle of the table, meaning everyone in your group has the opportunity to sample a range of dishes; they can enjoy the classics and also discover something new.

It’s all part of the Merah Putih ethos: honouring tradition with authenticity and blending the best of the past with the most exciting developments in food today.

The main dining area seats 140 people comfortably across the main floor and another 24 in three teak pods on a mezzanine. The pods allow for a more personalised experience on special occasions and private gatherings.

The menu at Merah Putih Restaurant,  is separated into two sections, each presenting an opportunity to discover a different kind of Indonesian cuisine.

In the ‘traditional’ section, unpretentious, simple cooking procedures highlight the refined balance of regional dishes using specially selected tender meats, locally sourced produce and the very best aromatic spices.

In the ‘baru’ or ‘modern’ section you’ll find imaginative culinary creations, which take as their basis the best of Indonesia’s traditional ingredients.


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