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Pantarei Restaurant

Pantarei Restaurant, Inspired by these words, some Greek expatriates with a flair for cooking delicious dishes, ventured to create their very own Greek restaurant and named it Pantarei. In Greek, Pantarei means ‘everything flows’.

Since 1998 when Adonis Mantaras opened the restaurant as a place to meet friends and enjoy good food, slowly became a meeting place for the Greek community and Greek food lovers.

In 2006, Christos Liokouras from Lio Collections joined the business, with his Lio Coustix band added Greek night

flavor with Greek dancings, plate smashings, etc.

It is a pleasure to share you the love for food and passion for great entertainment.

Pantarei Restaurant give you our personal touch and we guarantee a superb dining experience which will make you come back for more.

The warm & friendly staff will attend to your every whim and our unique selection of Greek and Mediterranean dishes at our Greek Restaurant in Bali. Specialty wines and liquor will definitely excite your five senses.

It’s unique tastes are some of the things set Greece apart.

You are in far pleasant culinary surprises.

Contrary to common beliefs you will soon discover that Greek cuisine does not solely conist of moussaka, souvlaki, and tatziki.

Greek cuisine has a great variety of dishes and can be an extremely satisfying culinary adventure for both meat eaters and vegetarians.

It could not be otherwise in the country that gave birth to the symposiums and the Epicurean philosophers.

It was, in fact, Archestratos in 330 B.C. who wrote the first cookbook in history and let us not forget, that cuisine is a sign of civilization.

Greece has a culinary tradition at some 6000 years. Nevertheless, like most national cuisines, the Greek has both influenced others and embraced ideas from its eastern and western neighbors.

In Pantarei Restaurant, you can find authentic Greek and Mediterranean cooking with the finest ingredients brought in from Greece. A little bit Greece in Bali.


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