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Pica Tapas Restaurant

Pica Tapas Restaurant, located at Bali Collection Shopping Mall in Nusa Dua, even if only for the presence of that renowned emporium of Kawasan BTDC. Until recently, I had never set foot in any other establishments there and hadn’t realized how nicely designed the Bali Collection is; it’s more like a village than a mall.

Pica Tapas Restaurant,  highly recommended but relatively new restaurant although I discovered that rather than being new, it has actually at Nusa Dua into new premises and has been considerably upgraded in all respects.

Pica Tapas Restaurant,  design of the restaurant is very minimalist and this should come as no surprise because it is wholly Spanish owned and managed. The host has some very strongly held opinions about the whole business of eating in restaurants and I found myself agreeing with him. For example, he thinks most people don’t want to have to make complicated choices from a menu so, after having checked on what guests can’t or won’t eat, he will usually suggest what they should have. He also doesn’t think that fussy presentation is a good thing because it involves the food being handled too much but everything I saw looked very attractive anyway!

Pica Tapas Restaurant,  options are impressive; there is a 250 gram steak tartare made from aged US Tenderloin on offer at a mere Rp.125,000, a 700 gram portion of grilled prime rib at Rp.150,000 and, for four people sharing, two kilograms of grilled imported meat including prime rib, tenderloin, lamb and pork. All this comes to the amazingly low cost of Rp.400,000 plus 21% tax and service. We decided to go for the Churrasqueria. At a price of US$ 20 per person, this comprises a variety of 12 different meat dishes including pork loin, sausages, rib-eye beef, roast lamb, chicken wings and legs, spicy beef kebabs and spare-ribs, all served on long skewers by a group of very friendly waiters. We had a few tapas to start with and we were then presented with a selection of green salad, potato salad and roasted Mediterranean vegetables. A new system, called ‘Rodicio’ is exciting and good fun. The way it works is that your waiter will give you a card which is red on one side and green on the other and from then onwards, you use the green side to say “more meat, please” and the red one to tell the ‘Passador’ that you are completely full and can’t eat any more. The Churrasqueria is backed up by a full salad bar and Spanish rice dishes, plus other tasty items such as quiches and marinated aubergines. No one leaves this place hungry!

Already full, my friends and I tried the Crema Catalana for dessert and this was delicious; as was the Illy Coffee.

I tried so many of the delicious Tapas items that I couldn’t manage to eat anything else! Tapas make ideal appetisers at Pica because there is a huge selection of small servings, none of which costs more than Rp.15,000, and they are easy for groups of people to share. You don’t need a menu to select these as they are all kept in hygienic display cabinets on the stylish bar and you have only to point at what you want. Among my favourites were boquerones en vinagre (pickled sardines), pincho moruno (beef or pork satay) and albondigas (very spicy meat-balls in a delicious sauce).

Pica Tapas Restaurant,  serving that famous dish, Paella. For anyone who doesn’t know, this is a rice dish flavored with saffron and can contain a number other items but generally chicken, seafood and vegetables. The other ‘sine qua non’ for a Spanish restaurant is Sangria – red wine with fruit juice and pieces of fruit in it. It is delicious and of course an excellent version is always available at Pica!

Wines offered include seven different varieties of Spanish ‘Torres’ ranging in price from Rp.225,000 to Rp.495,000 and there are a couple of house wines on offer at Rp.30,000 for a small glass: Vinedo Real Merlot and Vinedo Real Chardonnay.

Pica Tapas Bar offers a dining experience that is unique in Bali; bringing the authentic traditions and culture of Spain together with outstanding food and service, and combining all this with a great sense of fun.



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