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Sakala Restaurant

Sakala Restaurant, features contemporary cuisine as modern art. Only the freshest premium products are used; with immediate access to local fishermen and fresh seafood providers, the freshest possible line-caught and hand-cultivated ingredients from the surrounding ocean are shipped in daily. Chef Frédéric Boulay aims to remain true to tradition while constantly innovating. His creations are a balance in textures, with flavours that are not only pleasing to the palate but also to the eye. Bali’s wonderful climate provides the ideal backdrop for the Chef’s intense flavours and multi-layered textures.Chef Boulay’s specialities include Foie Gras in 7 ways, The Seafood Experience and The Chocolate Decadence – 7 different ways of eating chocolate.Sakala Restaurant, is also the only restaurant in Bali serving Kangaroo meat, an extremely healthy meat with fat levels of only 1-2%. When well prepared, the meat is juicy and tender, similar to venison. This delicious free range meat is also green as kangaroo produces no methane gas. Healthy, delicious AND eco-friendly! Try Chef Boulay’s signature Wild Kangaroo Tenderloin with roasted pear, butternut purée, green beans and mashed potato croquette, Balinese pepper sauce with red berries, rosemary and foie gras.

Sakala Restaurant,  sets the standards by constantly seeking new and innovative concepts that will surprise, delight and keep guests coming back for more. Designed by a renowned Thai architect and designer, Sakala Restaurant  is part of an exciting new resort that is set to be one of the most luxurious and exclusive in Bali.

Sakala Restaurant, differentiate ourselves from other food and entertainment venues in Bali by creating a memorable and personalised experience for all our customers. We provide impeccable service and consistently deliver premium innovative French cuisine in a warm, refined and trendy atmosphere.

Sakala Restaurant, acclaimed French-Canadian Chef Frédéric Boulay offers a French Contemporary interpretation of European and local produce that has received much praise from critics and diners. Prepared using only the freshest top quality ingredients, each dish promises to excite and amaze your taste buds.


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