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Sangkar Restaurant

Sangkar Restaurant With its extraordinary position at the edge of a cliff and its elegant yet informal atmosphere, distinguished by a magnificently illuminated ceiling and traditional woven lamps.

Sangkar Restaurant offers a menu of international specialties, creatively combining typical Indonesian dishes with contemporary culinary techniques. Throughout the day, guests can enjoy dishes such as tamarind chicken breast or bamboo shoot and vegetable curry with turmeric-scented rice.
Uniquely located on the cliff-edge and characterized by a more casual atmosphere, the all-day dining Sangkar restaurant proposes a creative kind of cuisine, combining regional recipes with modern culinary techniques.

Sangkar means “cage” in Indonesian and the term is associated with the various styles of traditional rooster cages that are used for lighting and the restaurant décor.
Two communal tables in the heart of the floor space create a comfortable and relaxed setting for the refined cuisine by Chef Andrew Skinner. The 70-seat restaurant exhibits a stunning 9×1,5-metre artwork made of solid teak wood planks and over 100,000 copper “nails” especially created for Sangkar by Balinese artist Made Wianta.

The menu offers a vast array of Asian and international influenced specialties,
creatively prepared and presented as well as authentic Indonesian favourites such as “ayam bakar taliwang” (tamarind and garlic baby chicken in a fiery sauce from
Sumbawa), “kari rebung dangan nasi kuning” (young vegetable and bamboo curry
with fragrant tumeric rice), and “tum bebek dengan daun singkong” (shredded duck with cassava leaves and Balinese spices).

Sangkar Restaurant Drawing inspiration from seasonal selections of organically grown ingredients, the
cuisine is characterized by the use of local delicacies such as mango blossom honey,
Eastern Balinese sea salts and cold-pressed extra virgin coconut oil.
For lunch and dinner Executive Chef has created an inviting Children’s Menu that
include seven dishes and a choice of desserts. The list of wine comprises local
signature drinks such as Arak Madu and Bream Colada.

The à la carte breakfast menu offers a variety of choices including the sumptuous
Bulgari breakfast with a selection of truffle scrambled eggs, Jimbaran Bay lobster,
champagne and fresh berries. The menu also includes an assortment of egg dishes as well as special offerings like the Japanese breakfast based on seared salmon, misotofu, pickled vegetables, steamed rice and ryoku cha. Traditional Mediterranean and English breakfasts complement the morning menu.


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