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Taco Beach Grill

Taco Beach Grill, is committed to serving only the finest foods, made with the freshest ingredients. All of our dishes, salsas, and sauces are made from scratch.

Taco Beach Grill,  grind our own corn, for example, to make cornbread, pancakes, tamales and tortillas.

Taco Beach Grill,  culture our own  sour cream and yoghurt, we make our own butter and farmer’s cheese, we smoke our chiles ourselves to make chipotle chiles for our signature sauces, we often make our own mayonnaise and tomato ketchup – all from scratch from the freshest local farm produce we can buy.

In our smokehouse we smoke our own fish, pork, chicken, and vegetables for custom flavors in our tacos, burritos and salads.

Taco Beach Grill,  use nixtimilization to make our corn chips, tortillas, and tamale dough. It is an ancient Aztec process for converting dried corn into masa, which is the essential material and only way to make an honest corn tortilla.

The nixtamil cooking process, which takes over 12 hours, not only improves flavor and aroma, it converts bound niacin into free niacin which is the form that the human body requires, and increases B-vitamins, calcium, zinc and essential amino acids balance.

Taco Beach Grill,  like to hear from you and show you what we do. Call us for a free quote to cater your next party, event, or wedding reception.

Choose from spicy, marinated carne asada tacos like those sold at Tijuana’s roadside stands to our own Chipotle-Glazed Salmon Nachos with Cream Cheese and Leafy Green Herbs on Bali’s only hand-pressed, genuine Nixtamil Mexican corn chips.

Or try one of our original BaliMex fusion dishes, such as the savory‘Babi Guling Taco’  - chunks of roast suckling pig marinated in aromatic Balinese herbs and spices, and topped with homemade sour crema and your choice of fresh salsa.

Dress up your meal with your choice of our original zesty salsas, like Mango-Lime, Tomatillo-Cilantro, Papaya-Pineapple, Chipotle Chile , Roasted Corn and BeanPico De Galloor Roasted Red Pepper Guacamole.

Taco Beach Grill,  recreated your Mexican favorites and designed our own Taco Beach originals in vibrant, colorful mixes of flavor and aroma.

At the same time, we’re dedicated to bringing you authentic Mexican cuisine.

Taco Beach Grill,  menu, dedication and inspiration mean a memorable and mouthwatering Mexican dining experience for you.


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