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Velvet Hypnotized bali (VH)

Short of shinning up the nearest coconut tree or stealing a cherry picker, there can be few better views of Kuta Beach than from the third floor balcony of Velvet restaurant at the Beachwalk Mall. The sweeping deck area provides the ultimate in panoramas, with clear views to the Bukit and beyond from any one of the tables or sofas, and coupled with a top-drawer menu of lunchtime snacks and evening fare,it starts to become clear why this place is fast becoming a favourite for the Kuta crew.

Everyone knows that there is a clutch of excellent eateries scattered throughout Beachwalk, but none have such a grand view as newcomer velvet hypnotized, not to mention such a large premises which also houses the latest hot Kuta nightspot “Hypnotized’, and together the venue is known as VH.

Open from 11am ‘til midnight, the overall vibe is beach chic, and the menu reflects this with a focus on Western style bites like salads, sandwiches, soups, pizzas and pasta dishes. If you’re more into your Asian style food fear not, as there’s a special ‘from the sidewalk’ section featuring Indonesian and Balinese classics like ayam betutu and nasi campur, and the ‘from the wok’ section takes care of regional favourites from further afield such as chicken kung pao and kway teow.

Swinging by for the mid afternoon session in between being dragged around the shops by my better half, I’m gasping for an Iced Tea (23k++), which comes deconstructed – the tea in a separate jar containing cinnamon and star anise. It’s a nice twist on what is usually a pretty standard drink, and quenches the thirst perfectly.

Ready to delve deeper into the Velvet menu, we check out the Roasted Chicken Shawarma from the fancy decker section (50k++), which is the perfect sharing snack or substantial starter, with three soft tacos ready to wrap up the crumbed chicken strips and crunchy vegetables doused in a tangy yoghurt mayo dressing. Topping it off a couple of crunchy ring crackers take care of any remaining morsels. Next up was the Braised King Fish Fillet (53k++), resplendent on top of a pile of creamy mash and sautéed bell peppers, surrounded by tangy lemon butter sauce.
As the afternoon draws on and my already questionable desire to return to the shops wanes even further I suggest we get stuck into a couple of the sunset cocktails. There is a huge selection of drinks to choose from, but it was impossible to go past the Molecular Glittering Rainbow (154k++) from the ritual menu without ordering one immediately – with a name like that you know it’s going to be something else and we’re not disappointed (and we’ll tell you more about that in a future edition). Hot on its heels is the Frozen Strawberry Margarita (75k++) perfectly refreshing and ideal for sunset o’clock.

With regular club nights and an ever-increasing array of top name DJs, it’s worth sticking around for the late nights for a spell in Hypnotized, which kicks off at 10pm and goes on ‘til 3am.


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